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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Make Tattoos at Home with the Inkjet Tattoo Paper

If you are worried about the needle and the pain involved in getting a Tattoo done, then you need not worry any more as the Inkjet tattoo paper will allow you to make tattoos at home and you can proudly flash it off without going through any pain.

Here’s a new tattoo paper with which you can print out images and designs from your computer and the paper is exactly like a stick-on tattoo that can be applied on the skin. The Special Tattoo paper manufactured by UK’S Crafty Computer Paper is water based and non-toxic. But it is yet advisable to test it with a small patch especially for people having a sensitive skin.

The tattoos last for a week if it is not messed with water or soap. The tattoos can be customized as one can choose any design or picture of their choice and proudly display it on their skin. The Inkjet Tattoo paper is available at the price of $5 per paper and $25 for a 5 pack. This really useful paper will create ripples if launched in India; however we will have to yet wait for this piece of innovation to be available here.

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