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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Solar-powered Eclipse Intuit - a Concept Phone

Solar-powered Eclipse Intuit - a Concept Phone
World Environment Day has refreshed our spirits to work harder and utilize eco-friendly products. Technology is always in the race to support the eco-friendly move. The most important communication medium – the mobile phone - has maintained a ‘don’t harm the environment’ tag line since quite long. However, most of them are still in the conceptual stage.

Go green with this concept phone named the Eclipse Intuit. The phone makes use of the solar energy and not the traditional eco-friendly materials to work towards green peace.
All the credits go to Eddie Goh for his efforts to make use of a chemically based thin solar skin that assures battery charging as and when exposed to sunlight or any kind of light.
Apart from the solar energy support, the sleek Eclipse Intuit handset incorporates an impressive 5 megapixel camera and software to edit snaps and gets saved in the virtual photo album with the help of the onboard memory.
This classic touchscreen phone also offers an intuitive document and web viewing experience by just sliding out the touch keyboard that features tactile feedback.
The stylish touchscreen solar-powered phone shines in a Black and Blue color scheme. Here’s hoping to see the Eclipse Intuit phone in reality with its pricing and availability details in the near future.

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