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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sony Ericsson Camera Phones Double as Motion-Controller Sensor

Sony Ericsson Camera Phones Double as Motion-Controller Sensor

Sony Ericsson seems to be all set to offer their consumers a Nintendo-Wii like experience while playing games on their mobile phones. Button controls are too outdated and something different and unique is what people are apparently looking for. So, here is a new way to control all the motions of the game.

Californian company GestureTek is helping Sony Ericsson to incorporate a software that would allow mobile phone owners to utilize their device as a motion-controlling sensor. Remember, the Nintendo Wii too expects gamers to use gestures with the motion-controller during the gameplay. For example, swing the controller to let your game’s racket swing to hit the ball; drag the controller in front to push the ball forward and hit a strike while playing bowling.

In a similar manner, users, who own a Sony Ericsson phone and love playing games, can control gaming characters on the small screen by just titling the phone in a similar way. This motion sensitive gaming is not only found in Nintendo Wii and Sony PS2’s EyeToy device but is also available in LG Secret, Apple iPhone and probably Samsung Instinct mobile phones.

With this system, gamers can play existing games such as Crash Bandicoot and Super Monkey Ball. Apart from the upcoming Sony Ericsson phones, the application might support the company’s old camera phones too.

Nothing is official till now. So let’s term it as a speculation. The rumor is rolled out from the PocketLint website.

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