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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The iDesign SongView lets you know what’s playing

The iDesign SongView lets you know what’s playing

If you’re the type who isn’t so great with band names, this iDesign SongView will help keep you posted. It has a giant rotating message that says the song name, artist, album as well as the genre. You’ll never have to run up to your iPod again to figure out who on earth plays that song. Yes, it’s on your list of songs, so maybe you should know it. However, you can have so much music on your iPod that it’s understandable that you’d forget every so often.

The iDesign SongView not only features the nice scrolling view and of course plays your music. It also is an alarm clock to make sure that you get out of bed every morning. While you’re across the room, you’ll also be able to control your music, to skip those songs you’re just not in the mood for. It will also allow you to hook it up to additional speakers and different types of audio players. In addition to telling you about the song that’s being played, the scroll view shows the time and date. You can pick it up for $99.99.

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