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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LimbGear’s Noggin Net holds iPod and earbuds in place

LimbGear’s Noggin Net holds iPod and earbuds in place

If you are having issues keeping warm this winter, and comfortably listening to your music, you might check out these Noggin Nets. They appear to be a nice heavy material, that would be nice through the winter. Plus all the while it was created to incorporate your music, so maybe it will work better. However, if you already have a beanie and just popped earbuds into your ears I’m not sure it’d be a ton different. The Noggin Net does have at least a couple extras to it though.

The biggest extra being the pocket on the beanie to hold your iPod. Which some people might like, especially if you’re lacking in pockets. However, to me it just looks like you’re asking for someone to run along side you and yank it out of the cap. It also has ways within it to manage the cords of your earbuds, in order to make you feel like you have a nice wireless music environment. If you don’t like how your earbuds work with the cap you could also get the earbuds that were meant to fit with this cap, called LimbGear Buds. You can pick the cap up in both children and adult sizes for $29.50.

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