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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Navigon 5100 on sale for $99

Navigon 5100 on sale for $99

This isn’t the first time we have reported about new Navigon GPS navigation devices, as we covered the Navigon 5100 max about a month ago. Today’s breaking news is that the Navigon 5100 (not the max model) is available at a very low price of $99 (with a mail-in rebate).

Any GPS that is below $100 is a pretty good deal, especially in light of the holiday season. Navigon sweetened the deal even more by removing the subscription charge included with most GPS devices. That’s right, the real-time traffic updates are included for the life of the GPS.

In addition to real-time traffic updates, the Navigon 5100 has a “reality view” that presents photo-realistic images of complex highway interchanges, along with actual road signs and exit-ramp guidance.

Other features include trouble-spot detection, and the 5100 is set up to suggest alternate routes. Also included is text-to-speech capability that pronounces actual street names, and a lane-assistant function that recommends the best lane to be in as you travel.

This Navigon 5100 deal can’t last long, and I’m wondering if this low price will be the beginning of an age of low-priced GPS navigation units. One can only hope that the quality of these cheap GPS navigation products will be as good as the quantity.

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