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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bless Automatica Remote Control Car and iPod Speakers

Nothing goes together like iPod Speakers and Remote Control Cars. Okay, those are two devices that don’t really pair together very well, but I can still remember the day when no one would have paired a cellular phone with a camera. Not that it was a long time ago, by the way.
In other words, you never know what two devices the electronic world is going to blend together. Bless Automatica has done it with the Remote Control car with iPod speakers.

So what can you do with this? Well, start by putting the speakers in the back, and take your pimped-out remote control car for a ride with some serious ghetto-blasting speaker action. Apparently, it can somehow hold these speakers on the back of the car, and the car will not tip over.
Yeah, don’t ask me how that is possible. By the way, the remote control car can be used as a CD holder or a tray.
If you are interested in this item, it can be purchased at Chip Chick for €275.00. If you haven’t heard of Chip Chick, it has “Tech and Gadgets from a Girl’s Perspective”, but I can’t help but think that remote control cars are more of a “boy’s toy”. Clearly, I need to join the mores of the new millennium.

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