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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dell Joins the Budget Ultrathin Party With 14-Inch, $649 Studio 14z [Dell]

Ok, this trend is really growing some legs. Dell has just announced and made available their Studio 14z, a $649 optical-driveless budget ultralight with a 16:9 HD screen, Nvidia 9400m graphics and a 14-inch screen.

Like Lenovo's recently announced (but not available until July) u350, the 14z sacrifices something in the way of size and weight as compared to something like the Adamo, but ranging between .8 and 1.2 inches, it's not much. And performance-wise, it barely sacrifices anything: a wide range Core 2 Duo processors are available (though notably, no ULV versions), as is a full complement of RAM (up to 5GB DDR3), HDD (up to 500GB) and display (either 1366x768 or 1600x900) options.

The $649 configuration will be a bit bare, obviously, but it'll outpace Lenovo's offering out of the gate, mainly due to its vastly less-shitty graphics hardware. And it's not just other manufacturers' products that the 14z's Nvidia 9400m will put to shame—Dell's own Adamo, basically a much, much more expensive version of the same concept, except with inexplicably lame video hardware, will be handily outperformed by any version of this laptop, which can be had for less than a third its cost. Weird. As you can see in our above hands-on gallery, though, it's not quite as pretty, although as with all the Studio products, you'll have plenty of color choices.

The 14z's most interesting feature is its availability date: Intel tipped off May and June as months that we'd hear about major manufacturers moving into this new niche, which proved true, but Dell is the first one of them to bring a product to market. It's available now, from Dell's website. Full specs and press release below. [Dell]

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