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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Devil Mummy USB Flash Drive

Most people have their own personal version of what a mummy should
look like. Some go for the cartoon look and others prefer something a
little more terrifying that might be seen in some classic black and
white horror movie. Either way though, I can't imagine many people
picture a devil mummy, but now you can own one. Well you can own a
USB drive that is shaped like a devil mummy at the very least.

This USB drive is probably going to confuse most people and I can't
imagine those horns are too secure, but at least it's different. This
is just proof yet again that if you can think it up, it's probably
sold somewhere in flash drive form. This comes in a total of three
different sizes, 2GB, 4GB and finally 8GB. The 2GB will cost you
$16.99, the 4GB $25.99 and the 8GB $40.99. You'll find this odd USB
drive on Gizfever.

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