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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Insect Repeller just in time for summer

With summer having arrived, it is time to start the annual battle with
pesky insects as well as other creepy crawlies who love to do nothing
better than irritate you out of your skin by their mere presence in
and around your home. Apart from keeping a huge collection of
anteaters as well as spiders to capture those winged nemesis of yours,
why not consider the Insect Repeller instead?

Insect Repeller is a small handheld environmentally-friendly gadget
that plugs into any UK mains socket and emits an advanced high power
variable ultrasonic wave and an electromagnetic wave to ward off
unwanted pests and protect you and your home. Inaudible to humans and
harmless to your pet cat and dog, the ultra sonic pest repeller
consumes very little power and outdates messy traps and
chemically-laden sprays. Once plugged in and switched on this 2-in-1
insect and rodent repeller protects 250 square meters, which is
roughly the size of the average three bedroom home, giving you a
healthy amount of breathing space between you and world's critters.

Sounds like £12.95 well-spent if you're going to bring home the Insect
Repeller this summer.

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