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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange


If you enjoy war games, then this USB hub would be great to put on your desk at work.  It can work as your hub and quietly remind you of the fun you can have at home if you just survive a few more hours at work.  Of course this is one of those hubs that won't look nearly as cool the second it has USB devices plugged into its ports.

It looks a bit more interesting without anything plugged into it, but it'd be the slightest bit silly to have a hub you don't use purely for that reason.  The hub has 3 different ports, which I'm sure you could probably guess from the picture.  When you plug in the USB device, for 3 seconds it will give a artillery sound effect.  Which you can hear if you go on the seller's website and watch the video with horrible sound quality.  The Artillery USB Hub comes in green as well as grey.  You can purchase it for $12 from Gadget4all.

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