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Saturday, June 27, 2009

USB Airplane Hub with built-in fan


This is now at the top of the list of my favorite combination gadgets.  Not only does it make an adorable USB hub, but the propeller also doubles as a fan.  All of the devices worked into the plane just look like a normal part of it.  Instead of the ports looking out of place, they look like they belong there.  Plus when your office is getting just a little too hot you can flip on the propellers and cool yourself off.

As you can probably already see, there are 4 different ports for your various USB devices.  The fan itself has an on/off switch and features soft blades for safety reasons.  When you actually plug it into your computer's USB port it will for 5 seconds make a flying-off sound effect.  Just be forewarned, if you play the video on the seller's website that demonstrates the sound effect, make sure your volume is turned down.  The plane comes in the white you see here or you can pick it up in silver instead.    You can purchase it for $14 from Gadget4all.

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