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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wrap-Around-the-Corner Digital Photo Frame from Photojojo

I'm not certain if the traditional glass photo frame has gone the way of the dinosaur, but I think we all agree that we are in the age of the digital picture frame. It seems like every time that I am looking for new material to write about, some company somewhere has a new digital picture frame. Even now, I am hoping to give a hands-on review of Viewsonic's TrueView line in the near future.

In short, the digital picture frame market is flooded, which is why a unique take on the traditional photo frame like the Wrap-Around-the-Corner from Photojojo is so needed. As you can see, it can hold about 7 to 12 photos in its stained and lacquered frame. Since it is non-digital, there is no slideshow option. However, with all these frames packed into one, do you really need one?

You may notice that some of the photos are split down the middle for a "folding" effect. In case you are wondering, you have to splice the picture like that yourself. The auto-splicing effect is hopefully a feature for Wrap-Around-the-Corner 2.0, the digital photo frame version.

If you are interested in getting this stand-out frame in your "corner" of the world, you will have to pay about $99. Some of you may find that a high price to pay, but I can't think of a more personalized look for the home of the future.

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