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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walkman is the greatest music invention in past 50 years

Coming as a surprise to Apple, leading gadget magazine T3 has announced Sony Walkman as the greatest music related invention in the past 50 years.

Competing close to the Dolby Digital sound system, Compact Disc and MP3 players like iPods; Sony's Walkman managed to grab the first position. MP3 music format bagged the second position while the market leaders in the music related industry, Apple's iPods stood third in the race.

The survey comes as a gift to Sony on the 30th birthday of Walkman. The first walkman was released 30 years ago by Sony. The Walkman was TPS-L2, a blue and white colored cassette player which went on sale in Japan on 1st of July, 1979.

Kat Hanniford at T3 said, "It changed the way we access music, changed how often we could access music, and changed a generation."

Below is the list of top 10 music related inventions in the past 50 years, as rated by T3

1. Sony Walkman

2. MP3 format

3. Apple iPod 1st Generation

4. CD

5. Napster

6. Dolby

7. DAB radio

8. Boombox

9. Sonos Multi-Room Music System

10. Panasonic Technics DJ deck

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