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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YooStar gets “yoo” in the picture

With YooStar, Karaoke isn't just for singing anymore.

Aspiring actors feeling that their ship has sailed and their big break has broken, can still experience what it's like to be in blockbuster films with Yoostar, a camera application which takes video of you and stitches you into scenes from famous films quicker than you can say "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille." 

Available for both MAC and PC, the Yoostar system uses a static webcam that you operate by remote control for focus and zoom. You set up the green screen that comes with it, select your scene and before you can say "Lights! Camera! Action!" you've acted out your Oscar Moment.
Yoostar replaces famous actors and gets you into the scene.

Then, the Yoostar takes out the main actor of the scene and replaces it with your performance. Then, you can post it to YooStar.com or any of your favorite social networking sites. Think of it as karaoke for movies.

There's also a version which will take NBA basketball highlights and let users replace the play by play with their own commentary.

Now sure, most videophiles know how to record green screen and insert into a video of their choice, but it's not as seemless as YooStar, which completely removes the actor, rather than overlay you on top, and that's what makes this system intriguing and fun. It's almost the perfect party application.

Available in August and it'll no doubt be the latest thing for the bar scene since Happy Hour.

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