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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old cassette tapes remade into iPod Nano Case

I swear the Nanos get the strangest cases, I suppose since they are so thin, it's easier to create odd cases for them. Well someone has taken old cassette tapes and turned them into little iPod cases for your Nano.  Of course these will only work for the 4th generation iPod Nanos, so as it turns out there is a perk to not rushing off to upgrade your technology.  These cases are all handmade and each one will vary as far as coloring goes.

The way it's set up, if you wanted to you could always write your own label on the front.  In order to create these, the cassette tapes were "gutted, routered and rebuilt".  Which means for those that aren't too fond of the price tag, you could always try your hand and creating your own.  If nothing else, you could find someone crafty in your family to see if they can pull the job off.  You can purchase the tapes for $49 CAD from Contexture Design.

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