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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tutorial: How to Copy/Backup PSP UMD to Memory Card on PSP 3000 Series [UMD Dumper]

Ever wanted to play games on your PSP 3000 without inserting the UMD game disks, now you can do so with the new UMDumper, this software will let you play all your UMD games in ISO/CSO format from memory card. All you have to do is to dump the .ISO/.CSO files using UMDumper into your memory card and within a few minutes, you are ready to play your favorite games without UMD disk.


How to Backup PSP UMD Game Disk to Pro Duo Memory Card



Hacked/Unlocked PSP 3000 with CFW 5.03 Gen-A, use this easy PSP 3000 hacking tutorial

UMD Dumper for PSP 3000, download UMDumper from Phonicuk.com

Step by Step Instructions to backup UMD games on PSP 3000

  • Make sure you have the custom firmware 5.03 Gen-A (Full) before proceeding, to check, go to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information
  • Connect your PSP 3000 in USB mode
  • Extract the UMD Dumper on Desktop
  • Copy the extracted folder to memory card ->PSP -> GAME

it should look like this

UMD Dumper tutorial-location


  • Insert the PSP UMD you want to backup
  • Now disconnect from USB mode, and go to GAME -> Memory Stick

Bring up the Gen VSH Menu  by pressing SELECT button on your PSP, navigate to recovery menu -> Configuration -> UMD Mode if its normal mode than change it to M33 drive -No UMD-) or to Sony NP9660 -No UMD-) mode, both are good select any one and exit VSH menu, if you didn't select the No UMD mode, your ISO/CSO game files will not work without inserting UMD disk.

  • Go to GAME -> Memory Stick, Start the UMDumper
  • Select Start Dumping, wait for a few minutes

Thats it, you just made backup of your PSP UMD, now you can enjoy the game without inserting UMD disk, you will notice faster loading times and better performance when playing with games residing on memory card, battery life will also be improved as compared to when playing with UMDs.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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