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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cell phone in a wristwatch - first successful attempt

As gadgets make their way into our lives, more and more usual thing that we are accustomed to transform into multifunctional tools with help of new technologies. One of the most interesting topics is a wristwatch-related gadgets. Wristwatches became the man's companion since the XIX century; even now, it is a very popular accessory, which shows not only the time, but also its owner's status. There were many attempts to transform them into a high-tech gadget, from a built-in calculator to cell phone abilities. Unfortunately, all those modifications, especially cell phone ones, while being high-tech and pricy, lacked one very important thing - usability. They were too big and bulky, too ugly and too expensive to be popular. However, as the time goes by, new contestants appear... Maybe this one will win the customers attention?

Van Der Led WM2 look stylish, seems like it is the first multifunctional wristwatch with a cell phone function that you will be not afraid to wear. While it can attract with its looks, it remain highly packed with functions inside. Imagine that inside of this small case is hiding a quad-band GSM cell phone with 1.3 inched touchscreen capable of showing up to 262 thousands colors; Bluetooth with AD2P support; 1.3 megapixel camera for making photos and videos; 1 GB of flash memory for MP3 and MP4 storage and playback; FM radio receiver and many more! It is simply amazing how all such things are made inside a wristwatch, and they remained usual-sized (62 x 45.5 x 17.6 mm). Digital number pad can be found on the wristlet; buttons are not big but remain usable.

It even has vibrating functions, so you will not miss the call even if the sound is off, and 7-colored LED light will help you notice it. It has all functions the average mobile phone has - GPRS, WAP, PIM manager with calendar and appointment functions, Photo ID and voice recording, and can be connected to the PC via built-in USB port. Its battery life cannot be compared to simple watches, but for such a technical marvel it is not small - manufacturer claims that it will hold up to 300 minutes in call and 240 hours in standby mode.

This popular idea of combining cell phone and wristwatch has finally come to pleasant result. This watch looks and feels like an ultimate high-tech gadget, holding plenty of functions inside it combine usability, technology and style into one interesting mix. Rumors go that it is Symbian powered… If it is true, than this will be a tiniest smartphone on the market. It can be purchased for 299.99 Euros.

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