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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Universal Remote Tablet Control the House

Remote control with buttons is outdated. Now, everyone who wishes to have a touchscreen remote controller can consider this. This remote is not an ordinary TV or Deck remote. It has the ability to control everything in your house.

This conceptual universal remote control named HP Thync has been designed by David Chacon. Just have a look at the same and you will see that you have the power to control your day-to-day activities by just a touch.

The picture of a fridge tells you that users can manage the consumer electronic product. The next image is of fork and knife that indicates a total control over kitchen. The third photo informs about the car parking control. In the fourth image, users can organize the washing machine. Coming to the 1st bottom image, it probably takes care of the home entertainment systems in your living room. The adjacent figure apparently talks about dinning table or micro wave machine. And the last picture definitely suggests that it controls the bathroom.

On the top left of the handheld device, the bulb button boasts to be an electricity controller function, whereas the right side button is a switch-on and off touch-operator. The bottom right button handles the calls.

Notice the top line of the gizmos that allow you to sync, set up and operate Home features. It also incorporates Internet Explorer functionality.

The flash capable HP Thync claims to display anything from channel listings to more elaborate menus. Owners can now easily control the TV volume, turning on the oven and even dim the light.

The question that makes us wonder is whether the device is accessible in the limited range or can be operated from far away distances too.

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