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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Toshiba develops ApriPoko Robot which may replace Universal RemotesThis cute looking device is not a toy for kids. In fact it is a robot developed by Toshiba. ApriPoko is the name of this bird-looking robot. The name itself suggests that the ApriPoko is developed in Japan.
The main function of ApriPoko is to learn your iR remote control actions. In simple words, ApriPoko is a voice-operated infrared universal remote control. You just have to instruct the robot what you want to do. For instance switch on the TV and ApriPoko will do it for you.

The ApriPoko features sensors enabling the detection of infrared rays coming out from the remote. Hence everytime you press a button, it will ask “What did you just do?” it will also record all your answers. Next time, you just have to tell the robot what you want to do. ApriPoko will automatically control the TV or perhaps any other device without needing a remote.
Currently ApriPoko is just a prototype robot and can perform simple commands like switching the TV on/off or toggling channels etc.
However the concept and the robot are yet at the developing stage. Therefore Toshiba now hopes to develop a consumer friendly version of the ApriPoko. If this happens, we might see ApriPoko kind of universal remotes sooner.

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crystal_lee07 said...

Oh so cute!!! How much does it cost?