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Monday, June 9, 2008

Klipsch introduces new Image X5 Headphones

Klipsch introduces new Image X5 HeadphonesDo you remember the Klipsch Image headphones that were introduced last year? Klipsch has decided to further expand the line of its products by introducing the new Klipsch Image X5. Bigger than its predecessor by 2mm (diameter) the Image X5 is still said to be small and light weight. The Image X5 uses translucent patent-pending Contour Ear Gels that fit comfortably in your ear canal due to its anatomical design. These ear gels come in 5 different sizes for the convenience of the users. They not only increase bass response but reduce ear fatigue with the soft and oval silicon tips thus provide amazing seal.

“Image’s overnight success was a sure sign that we needed to make it a family affair, allowing us to meet the expectations of several different consumer types,” said Ostrom. “With the addition of the X5, we are renaming the original Image the X10 and establishing it as the flagship model within the line.”

The X5 also has a balanced full-range armature driver that provides crisp, clear highs and deep, impressive lows with its tuned bass-reflex system. Compared to the original headphone this one has superior top end and more forward voicing.

“The X5 continues Klipsch’s sound signature by performing accurately in the frequency and time domain, minimizing any phase distortion with its linear acceleration. As a result, you’ll hear things in your favorite recordings you never noticed before,” said Mark Blanchard, Klipsch senior acoustic designer. “The X5’s versatility and rugged design make it an excellent choice for ‘road warriors,’ students or anyone else who wants no-compromise audio, extreme levels of comfort and fashion-forward style.”

The durable and stylish Image X5 headphones feature electroplated aluminum housings and streamlined and aerodynamic-shaped black “tails.” that help minimize cable stress and offers an acoustic damper to minimize cable noise.

It is compatible with all the devices that come with standard headphone jack like iPods and iPhones. It includes an airplane adaptor, carrying pouch, the ear gels and also an ear gel cleaning tool. The headphones are priced at $249.99 (U.S. MSRP) and will be available for purchase at selected retail stores and also on klipsch.com next month. It will also provide free replacement Contour Ear Gels for the ones who complete the online registration.

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