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Monday, June 9, 2008

Manage the Euro 08 Football Mobile Game

Manage the Euro 08 Football Mobile Game

Football is back in the picture. Fans must be excited to again refresh their memories. But this time, you do not have to watch or play the game, but you have to manage it as a manager does! How does it sound? It is certainly a great opportunity. Called the MCM (Mobile Club Manager) Eur’08 mobile football management game, this mobile game is part of a new international football tournament that includes England. Interestingly, it is a free trial game.

Play the role of the football manager that represents England or any other top 15 European teams and test the managing skills. You are expected to select the players, train them and also work on the formations and tactics. Train them as a squad or as individuals with the help of a plethora of special interactive offline training games such as weight-training, shot stopping and ball control.

Would-be football managers have to be careful while training their players as if they are over-trained, fatigue will set in. But if trained properly, then they can perform well and win the match. Everything is depended on the managers’ strategies and key decisions along with the team sheet submitted to MCM.

All the blow-by-blow updates of the real time MCM Eur’08 game and their players’ progress will be received to the managers through SMS. The winning depends on the managerial skills.

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