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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eddy the Suction Excavator

Take a look at this picture to the left. This is Eddy, a concept device by European company 3KNT. See if you can’t guess what it is. If you said “vacuum cleaner”, then you are only half-right! You see, Eddy is more than just your average vacuum, but a “suction excavator”. Something tells me that is just a fancy word for vacuum cleaner, but Eddy is worth the title.
Eddy is designed to suck up all the dirt or debris that is in a hole. This would definitely come in handy as the new type of shop-vac for construction areas, and it has a range of 1000mm (semicircular radius).
You might think that Eddy is too little to handle a lot, and you would be right. However, Eddy can be connected to a bigger tank that can suck up a whole lot more. Eddy also has another advantage over other vacuum cleaners, as it can operate by remote control.
Now this is what Bill Murray should have used to get rid of that pesky gopher in Caddyshack! Sadly, there is no word on when Eddy will be available to the public as yet, but you might want to check out 3KNT Website and see what other nifty things this company is working on.

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