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Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone 3 is buzzing - Rumors round up

WWDC 09 is around and here we have a bunch of iPhone rumors and news coming up on iPhone Help. Here is a quick look at whats hapenning with the iPhone 3.0 -

  • Will the new iPhones / iPod Touch allow wireless video downloads? Apparently Apple has been training its staff @ Apple Care outlets to handle queries regarding the same. It is rumored that with the renewed AT&T 3G network Apple might even allow unlimited video download over 3G and not just WiFi. Currently Apple allows music downloads directly from your iPhone.
  • Leaked screenshots reveal that iPhone 3.0 will allow right to left typing and option to add reviews on the iTunes store directly from your iPhone handheld. The beta OS seems to have spilled the beans over a lot of Apple's plans to enahance the iPhone / iPod touch offerings.
  • Claims of iPhone 3rd Gen parts being on sale in China were heard last week. Not sure how true they are, I feel its just some site / spares mfg trying to get some cheap publicity like we saw the case manufacturers do for iPhone nano. Read here
  • Wild Rumor as I call it - Apple planning 6 differnet versions of the iPhone! Unlikely and impossible but reports as always suggest :P
  • A couple of leaks revealing iPhone 32GB were seen. One from T-Mobile Austria and another from AT&T itself. However none of these name the new model, guess they were caught testing their website with placeholders it seems. Some info on pricing aswell … see here

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