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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sony Ericsson unveils PSP Phone (Well, Sort of!)

Along with the 12 Mp Satio, Sony Ericsson unveiled the PS3 compatible Aino. Aino boasts of features like 3″ touchscreen, 8.1Mp camera, 3G and WiFi along with a PS3 compatibility. The PS3 compatibility would give the PS3 users a Remote Play feature which can sync all your PS3 images, audio and video with the Aino.

No, this phone cannot sync the HD games (which makes it a sort-of-PSP-phone). Aino can also sync all your media files from your computer using the SE's Media Go multimedia manager. SE didn't say anything about pulling your media through the 3G network. Aino is also compatible with PlayTV which lets users watch recorded TV content over the internet.

Other features include slideout numeric keypad, bluetooth, GPS, a charging base, wireless headsets and an 8GB SD card.

Aino will be available in two colours (Black and White) and is supposed to hit a "selected market" in Q4. No words on pricing yet.

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