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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Katrina is Dangerous, says McAfee

McAfee Inc. says that Katrina is the second most dangerous word searched in India. McAfee recently conducted a research on 2600 most searched words on Google & Yahoo. The research was conducted to find out the degree of risk (of virus, malware, spyware….) involved in each of these words.

The most dangerous crown was given to "waptrick". Among Indian celebrities, Shahid Kapur is 5th most dangerous while the top 10 list also includes south-Indian actress "Namitha". (Ummmmm..)

Amongst the international celebrities, "Pamela anderson" is amongst the most dangerous in Caneda. "Jessica Alba" features the list of Caneda as well as Germany. "Paris Hilton" and "Amy Winehouse" are amongst the most dangerous of a few nations.

According to McAfee, these search words are used by spam sites to attract internet users and also to download few malicious softwares.

"Like sharks smelling blood in the water, hackers will create related websites laden with adware and malware whenever a particular top increases in popularity,"  said Jeff Green,the McAfee vice-president.

Next time you need a Katrina walpaper, settle for Kareena :P


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