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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nokia’s “TakeBack” e-waste recycle program to hit National scale

Nokia is planning to launch its "TakeBack" beta to a national level. The "TakeBack" initiative by Nokia allows the mobile users to dump their discarded mobile phones (of any manufacturer) to any of the bins located at different areas in your city and at the Priority Dealers.

There is more to the TakeBack program than managing e-waste. Nokia promises to plat one Sapling for every mobile dumped in the bin for recycling. Nokia plans to plant 12,500 saplings in the Tamil Nadu wing of the campaign in four different cities -Kalakattur, Kooram, Maruthuvanpadi and Sankarapuram.

"The campaign was conceived with the twin goals of educating the public on the hazards of e-waste while the sapling planting drive provided citizens a chance to give back to the environment,"  said Ambrish Bakaya, Director, Corporate Affairs, Nokia India.

The pilot program received a good response from the users concerned about the environment. The pilot program, tested in four cities, collected 10,000 discarded phones along with 12,000 batteries and 20,000 chargers.

Nokia has tied up with NGO, 'Ahimsa' for the planting of saplings. Nokia will be installing 5,000 bins globally including 1,200 to be planted in India.

While about 65-80% of every Nokia handset is recyclable, Nokia is concerned about the poor information about the recyclablility of mobiles. Nokia's figures suggest that if every Nokia user (3 billion of them) bring back even one device back to recycle, it would save greenhouse gases equivalent to taking off 4 million cars off road.

So, now you know that your old defective handset, charger, battery can be recycled for something good. Would you take time to go and dump that hazardous e-waste in Nokia's recycle bins? Tell us in the comments.

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