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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sailboat uses kite power to move on land and in water

Sea Quad may be the first "Kite-A-Maran" but it also works with sails on or off the water.

Harnessing the power of the wind to travel is nothing new. America was discovered thanks to it, goods travelled all over the world for eons as a result of it, there's even a super bowl of sailing in the world's oldest athletic competition (the America's Cup) which couldn't happen as a result of the wind. And cargo ships are even considering using giant kites to travel on the wind as a green way to cut costs and save the environment while sailing the seas. So it's nothing new. But toss in the ability to travel from the road straight into the ocean on the wind, and suddenly the "coolness factor" asserts itself. Especially when you can see an opening scene of a new Bond movie in it's future. ;)

Called The Sea Quad, this sailboat (actually more catamaran) is more kite powered than sail, although an easy moment of riising a small mast is certainly a design option. But the main mode of propulsion for the Quad is kite power. Check out the cool video:

A bar is connected to the kite flying in the winds above, and the pilot maneuvers by tacking the kite into the wind. It can also be powered by conventional sail mast. But it's not cheap, as the sticker is just south of $14,000. Takes up to two passengers.

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