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Saturday, June 27, 2009

User learns the S in iPhone 3Gs stands for “sink”

An iPhone user proves it's not the "Jesus phone" after all by dropping it in the pool!

Hat Tip to Crave for this YouTube link of a user videotaping poolside using his iPhone 3Gs. He suddenly drops it and into the drink it goes. But here's the amazing part. It continues to video tape while in the water and according to C'Net, two days after dropping it into the pool, IT STILL WORKS.

The iPhone comes with a 3 MP video/still camera with autofocus. Now, obviously, since it sunk like the proverbial rock, rather thank walk on water, it simply can't be called the "Jesus phone" anymore. But considering that the phone continued to record while sinking to the bottom of the pool (including some uber cool underwater sound effects) and even works after the owner dove in and retrieved it (witness his comment "crap! it still works!), and days later it's still working, it's pretty amazing and shows how well these phones are put together, especially when it isn't rated as being water proof.

Only time will tell if corrosion doesn't set in and brick his iPhone. But if it doesn't, this is a Timex moment to be sure.

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