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Sunday, June 1, 2008

MilesTek IP Cameras for Security Applications

MilesTek IP Cameras for Security Applications

MilesTek has come up with a series of more than 12 technologically advanced IP Cameras. These new cameras are flexible, reliable and will suit your pockets as well.

They will prove to be fruitful in providing powerful and economical solutions in IP and network surveillance. MilesTek’s IP cameras are not only easy to set up with some additional equipment but also come with a user-friendly Cam Viewer Lite Software.

MilesTek’s cameras come with wired, power-over-Ethernet (POE) and wireless versions. They feature an integrated microcomputer and a high-quality CMOS Digital-Image-Sensor. These cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions, come with an IR for day and night viewing, weather and vandal proof bodies, 360-degree panning, plus tilt and zoom controls.

MilesTek cameras can record events, detect and record motion, alert users via e-mail or trigger an alarm system. They also feature a built-in audio capability and a microphone that allows two-way communication.

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